As sent out to the Sparrowist mailing list, I'm very pleased to announce our Second Annual Pastafarian Sparrowist Treasure Hunt on Saturday 23rd October in Central Cambridge!

- You may compete individually, or in teams of up to 5 people.

- I can enter you into teams at random if you wish, or let you compete with friends.

- It is a two part event, running simultaneously. The first part is a Treasure Hunt, seeking down 10 locations in Central Cambridge from the cryptic clues given to you. The second is a Scavenger Hunt, tracking down the items set for you to obtain.

- There are prizes for everyone who competes. To fund this, I will charge 3 for each entrant, but you are almost certain to make this back with prizes including crates of beer, Gospels of the FSM, and DVDs of our Holy Films, plus three hours of entertainment!

- We strongly advise you to dress as a pirate. We will not disqualify if you don't, but you may catch fire at some point during the event if not in proper attire.

- Your team will have three hours, starting from 2pm on the Saturday in St John's First Court. I will be there to fire the starting gun. You'll be able to recognise me as I'll be the one who's a pirate.

- At 5pm the event will end at the final point, which is The Anchor pub on Silver Street. This by no means indicates an end to the festivities though, and I expect us to turn the pub piratey for much of the evening.

- If you would like to attend, please RSVP at some point soon so I know that we have the numbers to go ahead. I will of course not turn away anyone who shows up on the day. If you would love to come, but are busy on the day, let me know, as I will gladly change the date if there is enough demand.

That's about it! RSVP if you're in or around Cambridge, and fancy attending. Apologies to those outside of Cambridge invited, but there is no way to filter out the Group Members who are not in the local area.

May you have a day filled with noodley goodness, Cap'n Tom


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