Welcome to the home of Pastafarian Sparrowism, a vibrant religion that seeks to bring the Flying Spaghetti Monster's fleeting affection to all of us, through the life of His prophet, Captain Jack Sparrow.

For those of you visiting the website for the first time, a basic understanding of the teachings of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may be necessary to fully understand the glorious Sparrowist message strewn generously across this website. Once you have made such preparations (or decided to boldly forgo them) the next step would be most productively made in the direction of the Ideology section. Here you will find a veritable plethora of noodly wisdom waiting to engulf your hitherto empty existence with enlightenment and, no doubt, faint sexual excitement.

May you all be touched by his noodly appendage. RAmen.



Welcome to our 300 new members! Have a gander at Events to see the details of the 2nd Annual Pastafarian Sparrowist Treasure Hunt, in Cambridge on Saturday 23rd October.


Head on over to Events to see the details of the Pastafarian Sparrowist Garden Party, to be held in Cambridge on Swashbucklin' Saturday, the 12th of June.


Happy new decade ye scurvy curs! Plans are afoot for an event before the end of this term, and more next term (particularly after exams, hopefully we can make this summer a truly piratical affair!). In the meantime, hold tight for announcements, and check out Captain Dan & The Scurvy Crew (full music list on Spotify), a pirate-based hip-hop band with absolute lyrical genius. Word.


The first Pastafarian event of the year has been announced! Head on over to events to have a look and get in touch if you're interested.


The minor editing has been completed, and the website can be considered operational again. Thank you for visiting!


We have the website up and running again! As you may have noticed, it has been moved to free university hosting, and is undergoing some editing, which we hope to be finished with very shortly. In other news, the society has been passed over to the management of myself, Thomas Clark, following Joe Kay's departure from the unversity, and I very much look forward to continuing the proud march of the world's fastest-growing Pasta and Jack Sparrow-based religious movement. Our first event of the year will be announced by the end of the week.


Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Let's all make sure that we remember what this holiday is really about.

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